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Ayurveda: The Art of Living
Ayurveda: The Art of Living
Join our resident Ayurvedic Practitioner Jesus Caballero for a 2 hour workshop to explore the integral science of Ayurveda and its multiple benefits and applications for a healthy, happy, and conscious lifestyle. This healing journey is covering Ayurveda's fundamentals such as: The 3 Doshas, daily practices, general diet and nutrition lifestyle topics as: understanding your physical, mental and emotional blueprint, developing a diet for your own constitution, choosing the right exercise for you, preventing common illnesses, healing your digestive track, and ways to reducing stress. Not a one size fits all, Ayurveda teaches that each person is unique and, as such, needs a unique and personalized diet, lifestyle, and general approach to life that varies according to individual constitution, upbringing, and personal circumstances.

$50 includes indoor baths I $150 includes Spa Day Pass


Saturday October 24, 2015
2:30 - 4:30PM