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Tuning into Thankfulness & Gratitude Healing Gong Meditation

Tuning into Thankfulness & Gratitude Healing Gong Meditation

Saturday November 17, 7 - 9P with Jiwan Kaur

Having a sense of GRATITUDE puts a person in touch with the preciousness of life and gives us a sense of fulfillment. In the spirit of November, the month of Thankfulness and Gratitude, it is the perfect moment to connect to our soul's pure vibration and connect deeper to our true sense of BEAUTY & KINDNESS within and out.

Beginning with Jiwan’s ritual of crystal soul clearing ~ chanting with her soulful voice and alchemy turquoise infused crystal bowl ~ followed by a light set of Yoga and Pranayama (breath work)~ culminating in deep relaxation with the unique sound of the GONG and Pyrenees Koshi Chimes.These sacred sounds elevate your vibrations, as well as enliven your whole being. Aligning you with your highest expression of truth and purity of heart. Transformation begins! The night will close with a gentle meditation aligning your infinite realms with an open heart and peaceful mind.

$45 includes indoor baths | $150 includes Spa Day Pass