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H2-OM: Glow Yoga

H2-OM: Glow Yoga

Pull out your neons and bright white threads for glow in the dark Yoga! Step outside of the box and get lost in the darkness to channel your own inner light. Black lights, candles and glow sticks will guide you in your practice, balancing the body and mind. A non-judgmental and open playshop for all levels. Honor your being by moving freely, consciously and in your own unique way. Whether you are stepping away from the night club scene, or prepping for a fun filled time out on the town, your Saturday night is now complete! Flow it out, jamming to a fusion of groovy beats and yoga tunes on your mat. As you dive into Savasana, live sound healing will send you on a juicy meditation, cleansed and fully recharged.

$40 includes indoor baths I $150 includes Spa Day Pass

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