Detox with Dr.Aradhana

Detox with Dr.Aradhana

As a holistic health expert, yoga guru and naturopath practitioner certified by the prestigious Bihar School of Yoga in India, Dr.Aradhana has dedicated her life to alternative medicine. From Japan to India and beyond, her work in crystal healing, sound healing, reiki, body detoxification and cleansing techniques has helped guests around the globe. And guess what? Her combination of unique modalities is coming to the Maldives for a month of pure wellness. 

Shamanic Cleanse Ritual 
A combination of shamanic rituals, mindful touch therapy and a traditional balancing massage effective for relieving pain, stiffness and muscular tension. 
60 or 75 minutes    $220 | $250

Energy Balance Foot Therapy
A unique combination of sound reflexology and kansa wand therapy over Marma points (where tissues meet areas of life force) to improve blood circulation and assist with lymphatic drainage.
45 or 60 minutes    $190 | $210

Facial Detox Therapy
An emotionally therapeutic facial using Japanese techniques that releases pent up emotions, repairs tissues and reduces aging through deep touch and crystal healing. 
60 or 90 minutes    $220 | $260

Sound Journey & Reiki Therapy
A relaxing journey that releases emotional tensions through Tibetan sound work, reiki with aura cleansing and strengthening.
60 or 75 minutes     $220 | $250    | Groups or Private

Yoga Nidra
A meditative session that improves cognitive function, encourages deep body-mind relaxation and increases self-awareness through techniques derived from ancient tantra. 
60 minutes    $190

Wet Pack Therapy & Crystal Healing
A 3-in-1 treatment including Wet Pack Therapy, Crystal Healing and an Enema Detox. A powerful way to detox the body, increase blood circulation, relieve constipation, boost immunity, improve energy levels and remove toxins.
60 or 75 minutes    $220 | $250

Breathe Easy
A calming treatment that removes mucus clogs, stimulates the brain cells and clears the nasal passage and sinus cavity to alleviate neck problems and migraines. 
60 minutes    $190

Yogic Intestinal Cleanse
A yogic detox that combines aspects of Asana and Pranayama meditation as well as Shatkriya to cleanse the body and mind, boost the immune and digestive systems, increase energy levels, and improve clarity of thought. 
60 minutes | Groups or Private | Reservations required 24-hours in advanced    $220

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