Downtown LA

Caris Reid Artist Reception

Caris Reid Artist Reception

Join us for a special celebration of Grace and Grit, our new mural and flag by artist Caris Reid, featuring cocktails, music by KCRW DJ Valida, and tarot readings by Erin K Smith or Vardo Tarot. 

Artist Statement:

6th Street Mural 

The choir of women speak to feminine strength. They are larger than life with an unflinching gaze and are infused with a healing, radiating reiki energy. Though facing in opposite directions, the choir of women in the mural are the same. Black and white with undulating hair, and symbols on their exposed bodies, they unite and harmonize with their repeating forms. They speak to the underlying similarities between opposing forces, and they hypnotize us with the wave of their hair and the repetition of triangles and circles. Their complexity lies in their simplicity, the invitation to focus and synchronize our vision. The only color in the mural is in their eyes and lips. Red lips symbolizing voice and passion. And their blue eyes, symbolizing clarity and clairvoyance.


Rooftop Flag 

The crow is the messenger between the physical and spiritual world, she is the darkness before the dawn, she is the chaos before creation, she is magic, mystery and beauty. The two crows, in unison, fly full force towards the central flower. They are separate and yet the same, synchronizing and harmonizing their energy towards a shared creation and goal.