Max Rippon Artist Reception

Max Rippon Artist Reception

Join us for the artist reception of Max Rippon's The Box installation "L.Attractor"

L.Attractor is an installation thrusting the environmental, the artificial, the figurative, the erotic, the mathematic, and the psychedelic all on stage in a single gesture. At first glance the title and the form reference L.A.'s insatiable attraction and obsession with the body and The Butt. It is also, however, an abbreviation (and a representation of its bottom half) of the Lorenz Attractor, a mathematical diagram that has come to symbolize one of the primary paradigms of Chaos Theory.

Chaos Theory is a branch of mathematics that explores how chaotic and unpredictable behavior, such as the movement of fluids, can actually hold repeating patterns. This may seem abstract but its truths can be seen throughout how nature builds itself, including the formation of leaves and trees. The marbling on the painted leaves in this installation reminds us of these potent mathematical visuals including Fractals and Strange Attractors.

Psychedelia and car culture, historical elements of the Southern California experience, are not far from the surface in these works. Each leaf has been marbled using a technique similar to hydro dipping that is used to paint custom car wheels and motorcycle helmets. During the marbling process the paint can remain in motion until the leaf is dipped and the print is pulled. Because of this no two leaves will ever be the same and each one is in fact a single moment of an infinite number of possible moments, frozen in time.

Bites by CROFT ALLEY and tunes by Tottie on October 11th from 7-10PM in the lobby. 

Free entry / 21+