Downtown LA

Hard to Read x Gossip

Hard to Read x Gossip

Hard to Read presents Juicy, a reading on gossip, hearsay, rumor, and myth. 

“We hold this myth to be potential / Not self-evident but equational / Another Dimension / Of another kind of Living Life”  –Sun Ra

 “Let’s gossip to get our heart rates up” –Carrie Bradshaw


Join us for a fiery dish session on delicious truths, compelling lies, notoriety, and who knows! Among our night’s gossips and myth-makers, sharing original and appropriated texts, are poet/dancer Harmony Holiday, artist/musician Negashi Armada, musician Nick Malkin, and party girl and literary charmer Jordan Richman. 


Organized by Fiona Alison Duncan, Hard to Read is The Standard's monthly lit series.

 Cover image: Photograph by John Edmonds, commissioned by Fiona Duncan.