Cartoon Empire

The Animated Haden-Guest, Episode I: 'Word Wars'

After months of dissecting the modern world for us one panel at a time, Standard Culture artist-in-residence and world-renowned dancing machine Anthony Haden-Guest has decided to kick it up a notch with help from animator Chris Fequiere. Enjoy!

Anthony Haden Guest's Cartoon Empire, Episode 1: "Word Wars" from The Standard on Vimeo.

• "I Suffered For My Art..."
• "No, Your Head Does Not Look Fat ..."
"I'm a Workaholic. Luckily I Happen to be an Alcoholic, Too ..."
• "And Now Even My Imaginary Friends ..."
"I'm Actually a Triple Agent ..."
"Creative Differences ..."
• "I Dreamed My Bad Self Was at War ..."
• "At Last! It's a Perfect World ..."
• "When the History of the World is Written ..."
• "You Are Going to Be Famous ..."
• "What Did We Do at Meals ..."

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