One Night Standard

Everything to Know about The Standard's Spontaneous Booking App

I'm a simple man. I like my martinis, my Boom Boom Room, and my Stan D'lovelies all around me. But sometimes I feel like the world is whizzing by at the speed of light. Digital technology has taken hold, and it's screaming..."COME ON, STAN!! GET IT TOGETHER. DO YOU EVEN HAVE AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT?!" (No, I don't. But The Standards do.)

So I decided to develop an app. At first, I wanted one that would allow me to order a martini at any bar, in any Standard, within three minutes of arrival. But then I thought that was too limited. Instead, I came up with One Night Standard, which ultimately, anyone can use.

One Night Standard is your very own, last-minute, day-of, night-of Standard booking app. With this in your pocket, you'll get the absolute best rate possible. Yes, you heard correctly: last minute rooms and incredible rates.

Download It Now!!

Still not getting it? Ok, let's break it down...

Say you're sauced
Or your flight's cancelled
Or Uber surge pricing just hit 7.2
Or maybe you just need a night away from your pet Chinchilla...
The point is, you need a room for the night on short notice.
Just log into our app, and from 3pm daily, you can select The Standard of your choice.
Add a late check out if you think you'll need it.
Confirm the rate and...

That’s it! You’re ready to check in.

The best part? Until May 3rd, 2015, every room on the app, at every Standard, is just $99 (the rate at The Standard, Hollywood when we opened back in ’99). I KNOW!! I think I was on martini #4 when I came up with that genius idea.

So there you have it. One Night Standard. Shall we have one together? Head over to the Apple or Android Store to download now. Seriously. I mean NOW. And I’ll see you at The Standard.


A few more details, if you're into that sort of thing:
• Booking begins at 3pm daily and ends at 5am the following day.
• Rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis…always subject to availability
• The room you get depends on what we have available…but rest assured, whichever one it is, there will always be room for two!

Stan D’Arde is the perennial voice of The Standard Hotels, having started his martini soaked career with the birth of The Standard, Hollywood. Now, he brings you all the insider intel from The Standard family and beyond. Follow Stan on Twitter to stay up-to-date on all of it!

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