Pix on The Plaza

Let's get reel!
Join us for our outdoor movie series on The Plaza (aka Le Scaf). Sweetie, we’re serving you fan favorites and cult classics that are just dripping with Hollywood fashion & glamour. Each night offers a menu of booze, yummy bites, candy, and of course, complimentary popcorn 🍿 🍸 

Peep the lineup and snag your seats!

Sun 9.26: The Great Gatsby (2013)
Mon 9.27: Clueless
Tues 9.28: The Women (1939)
Thurs 9.30: The Devil Wears Prada

Fri 10.1: American Psycho  
Sat 10.2: The Blair Witch Project 
Sun 10.3: Scream 
Mon 10.4: Sweeney Todd
Tues 10.5: Carrie (1976)
Thurs 10.7: Death Becomes Her
Fri 10.8: The Craft
Sat 10.9: The Shining
Sun 10.10: Jennifer’s Body  

Mon 10.11: Little Shop of Horrors
Tues 10.12: Misery
Thurs 10.14: Cruella 
Fri 10.15: Friday the 13th 
Sat 10.16: Hocus Pocus
Sun 10.17: I Know What You Did Last Summer 

Mon 10.18: HalloweenTown 
Tues 10.19: Rosemary’s Baby
Thurs 10.21: A Quiet Place 
Fri 10.22: Hocus Pocus
Sat 10.23: Get Out 
Sun 10.24: Beetlejuice 

Mon 10.25: The Exorcist
Tues 10.26: Nightmare on Elm Street 
Thurs 10.28: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) 
Fri 10.29: Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat 10.30: Night of the Living Dead 
Sun 10.31: Psycho (1960)

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