5 Ways To Cut The Fat This Season

There is no time like the present to shed those few extra pounds. Some of us though, struggle with keeping the motivation up and getting into the pattern of a regular workout routine. We asked Standard Spa personal trainer, Brad Plotkin, for some tips on how to stay committed to your fitness goals:

When getting started, take a "before" picture, and set up a shoot for an "after" shot 3 months down the line. This will be a very good short-term motivator.

Tell your family and friends about your new goals. Do not keep it a secret. Having the people you care about most in your corner, and asking about your progress, will keep you striving to achieve.

Get prepared for a healthy diet. Buy all the "tools" you will need to ensure success. New tupperware, freezer bags, spices for tasty meals, a nice cooler for the meals on the go. When you have all of these items at your disposal, you will never be without when a healthy meal is needed.

Keep your before picture on you at all times. When you don’t feel like eating right, or working out, take a look at the reason you started your journey. This will keep you on track.

Get in the habit of working out first thing in the morning. You will get it out of the way before "life" begins. A nice side effect is you will feel alive, and positive, allowing you to tackle the rest of the day.

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