Spa Manager


Encompass full understanding of The Standard Spa, Miami experience! Constantly recognize service opportunities and areas of development and improvement.  Provide readily information and assistance to prospect guests, groups as well as to internal communications and operations.  Facilitate, coordinate and host the Standard Spa, Miami Beach experience.  Check‑in spa guest/members courteously and efficiently; process all payments according to established spa requirements. Provide information and assistance to all guest/members and visitors. Handle guest issues. 


Spa front desk, office involves working:


Internal: Staff in Spa, Gym, Pool, Food and Beverage, PBX, Reservations, Front Desk, Laundry, Housekeeping, Accounting and Engineering.

External: Hotel guest/members/visitors.


  1. Provide and maintain complete knowledge at all times of: a) All spa/resort/hotel features/services. b) Hours of operation. c) All rates, special packages and promotions. d) Availability status for any given day. e) Scheduled daily group activities. f) Spa and yoga programming. g) Integral living services, h) Retreats and events. i) Products/merchandise, g) New Programming and Services.
  2. Provide guest/members The Standard Spa, Miami Beach sensory experience tours of property features and programming.
  3. Anticipate guest/members lifestyle needs, personal interests.
  4. Anticipate guest/members' needs, respond promptly and acknowledge all guest/members, however busy and whatever time of day.
  5. Maintain positive guest/member relations at all times.
  6. Open Spa for business. Follow Spa opening procedures.
  7. Resolve guest/member complaints, ensuring guest/member satisfaction.
  8. Monitor and maintain cleanliness, sanitation and organization of assigned work areas.
  9. Ability to communicate clearly and respond in a timely manner to any guest/member needs.
  10. Ability to speak competently about all services listed on the menu an on the property, including weekly events and retreats.
  11. Generate interest and engage guest to schedule appointments, participate in programming and assistance selecting and commencing one on one services.
  12. Greet guest/members at entrance.
  13. Maintain locker key inventory and log.
  14. Set up and maintain reception desk.
  15. Access all functions and maintain security of computer/point of sale system.
  16. Make appointments and rescheduling appointments according to established spa requirements.
  17. Advise of cancellation policy.
  18. Service and follow up spa service call protocols, confirmation calls, pre-calling, etc.
  19. Maintain relaxation and bathing areas lounge.
  20. Maintain towel/linen, sandal and robe supply.
  21. Assist Therapists with updates to their schedules, guest and service information on going
  22. Schedule group spa treatments.
  23. Mail, fax and e-mail spa information.
  24. Process payment as cash, room charge, or credit card, check, travelers check, comp, employee discount, department charge
  25. Follow closing procedures.
  26. Change reservations when they occur.
  27. Display and arrange merchandise.
  28. Stock and recover merchandise.
  29. Maintain complete knowledge of and comply with all departmental policies/service procedures/standards.
  30. Maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of equipment. Use equipment only as intended.
  31. Supervise and monitor performance of all Spa Coordinators and Bath attendants.
  32. Monitor payroll and adjust schedule according to budgetary guidelines and business needs.
  33. Train new hires on all Spa Coordinator functions.
  34. Provide feedback to employees on performance.
  35. To set, monitor and maintain all standards within the main areas of responsibility.


  1. Assist in other Spa areas as assigned.



  1. Collage Degree or 2 yrs of experience in a similar position at a Spa, Hotel or Club facility.
  2. Compute basic arithmetic.
  3. Fluency in English both verbally and non‑verbally.
  4. Provide legible communication and directions.
  5. Ability to:
    • Perform job functions with attention to detail, speed and accuracy.
    • Prioritize and organize.
    • Be a clear thinker, remaining calm and resolving problems using good judgment.
    • Follow directions thoroughly.
    • Understand guest/member's service needs.
    • Work cohesively with co‑workers as part of a team.
    • Work with minimal supervision.
    • Supervise performance of standards.
    • Maintain confidentiality of employee/guest/member information and data.
  6. Ability to input and access information in the property management system/computers/point of sales system.


  1. College Degree
  2. Previous experience in a Spa environment.
  3. Previous cashiering experience.
  4. Fluency in a foreign language, preferably Spanish.
  5. Ability to suggestively sell,
  6. Previous guest/member relations training.


  1. Exert physical effort in transporting supplies (30 pounds) to areas within the resort and spa.
  2. Endure various physical movements throughout the work areas.
  3. Reach feet.
  4. Remain in a standing and stationary position for 3-4 hours throughout work shift.
  5. Satisfactorily communicate with guest/members, management and co‑workers to their understanding
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