DESCRIPTION: To provide esthetic services within the intention/concept of the Spa and its menu, while tailoring the service to meet the requests and concerns of our guests, according to spa and licensing standards. Therapist must have working knowledge of anatomy, physiology, soft tissue techniques and a solid grounding in professional ethics and communication skills. Staff Esthetician must have a desire for personal/professional growth and possess the ability to work within a Spa team with varying levels of experience and skill.

Summary of Duties
Ability to perform and speak comprehensively about all services listed on the menu and on the property.
Ability to multi-task: do facials, waxing, check in guests, appointment booking, provide tours, information, re-stock necessary supplies and assist Spa staff.
Provide safe, appropriate and effective esthetic techniques.
Explain treatments and perform techniques appropriate to guest needs and preferences. Observe client reaction to services performed and modify as necessary.
Solicit guest feedback and respond accordingly.
Perform guest intake session prior to each service to ascertain precautions and contradictions.
Maintain client confidentiality and sensitivity to personal information during all client interactions; report any unusual client interactions to supervisor immediately.
Actively pursue and participate in continuing education on-site and off-site, related but not limited to facials, holistic medicine, personal health and development.
Provide esthetician orientation services when needed and assist with education seminars.
Suggest improvements and take ownership of all duties with a self-motivated style.

1. Current copies of all applicable federal, state, county and local licenses must be provided prior to beginning work at the Hotel.
1. College degree.
2. CPR certified.
3. Experience with computers and calculators.
4. Experience in Hospitality Industry in similar position.
5. Previous guest/member relations training
6. Fluency in a second language, preferably Spanish.

Essential Job Functions
1. Maintain complete knowledge of and comply with all departmental policies/service procedures/standards.
2. Maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of equipment. Use equipment only as intended.
3. Anticipate guest/members' needs, respond promptly and acknowledge all guest/members, however busy and whatever time of day.
4. Resolve guest/member complaints, ensuring guest/member satisfaction.
5. Monitor and maintain cleanliness, sanitation and organization of assigned work areas.
6. Maintain knowledge of hours of operation, memberships, reservations, fees, treatments, products and merchandise, resort/spa packages, promotions, prices and rates.
7. Set up and organize workstation with designated supplies, forms and resource materials; report shortages to Lead Esthetician.
8. Perform room set up procedures.
9. Greet the guest/member, listen and be aware of both verbal and non-verbal communication.
10. Verify medical releases from guest/members with applicable medical conditions.
11. Conduct appointments according to guest/member's comfort and desire following correct draping procedure and massage sequence.
12. Follow personal protection procedures using the appropriate safety equipment and precautions.
13. Suggest retail items and other services that would directly benefit and continue to enhance guest/members spa experience.
14. Follow dirty linen procedures.
15. Calmly handle emergency procedures.
16. Depart guest/member, close work station and check out with Lead Esthetician, Spa Manager or Director.

Secondary Job Functions
1. Assist in scheduling guest/member appointments.
2. Assist with other Spa job functions as assigned.
3. Document maintenance needs on work orders and submit to Lead Therapist, Spa Manager or Director.

Punctuality as it relates to arrival on property and greeting and departing clients
Communication as it relates to information that affects the quality of both the customer and co-worker experience
Respect for the company and its objectives, organizational structure and its management systems
Respect for your co-workers, members, and hotel guests

1. Exert physical effort in transporting supplies (20 pounds) to areas within the spa and resort.
2. Endure various physical movements throughout the work areas.
3. Reach 4 feet.
4. Remain in stationary position for 3 hours throughout work shift.

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