Our mission is to provide creatively inspired hospitality that successfully achieves the best in hotel service but also delivers unforgettable experiences fueled by culture for our guests and local communities—always leaving people with surprise and delight.

We bring these promises to life by embracing and empowering a diverse collective of team members, collaborators and guests that choose to call The Standard home.

 We are anything but standard. Our DNA is unconventional, dynamic and irreverent.

Unconventional: “That's the way it is done” mentality is never the answer.
Dynamic: We give guests what they want before they know they need it
Irreverent: Play is always just important as stay. 

Essential Job Functions and Responsibilities:

·         Serve and assist bar guests in a warm, sincere, accommodating and professional manner

·         Serve beverage and menu items uniformly according to established  standards, expectations and recipes

·         Stock daily inventory taken

·         Fill requisition sheet and give to manager

·         Prep all fruits, garnishes, and juices and ensure its freshness

·         Maintain cleanliness and design aesthetics of all areas, especially those visible to guests including: bar top, glass selves, bar back, and service bar

·         Complete all side work requirements, including pre and post shift, daily, and monthly duties

·         Answer specific questions about food prep using culinary terminology and about Standard drink s in an articulate and detailed manner using technical and service aspects

·         Swift, efficient, and uniform service of orders per drink ticket·         

          Provide level of service consistent with established standards in every aspect

·         Perform other duties as requested by manager

·         Open and set up bar, including stocking liquor bottles

·         Stock all glassware and ashtrays

·         Fill all ice wells with ice

·         Stock all paper and plastic needs for bar such as napkins, straws, stirrers and squirrel paper

·         Make sure the bar is neat and clean at all times

·         Perform other duties as requested per manager 

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