The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

Extra Playtime

It's actually a crime to stay with us and not experience our world-renowned spa. This package includes room accommodations and $75 daily spa credit. Plus, receive a complimentary wellness consultation with our Spa Experience Manager.


The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

Intox + Detox Package

It only feels good if you're bad first. Indulge in extra food and wine with a $25 daily food and beverage credit. Then take time to enjoy a complimentary detox bath and all the other spa amenities.

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The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

The Standard, Hollywood

Plan Ahead

Save 10% when you book in advance. Reservation cannot be changed and is non-refundable. Full deposit of room and tax is required at the time of booking.

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The Standard, Downtown LA


Book your room and enjoy 1 hour of free table time at SPiN Standard and a $25 credit for food and drinks.

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The Standard, High Line

Room and (Not) Bored

Breakfast in bed? Or, drinks in the club? Book a room with us and get a food and beverage credit of $25 per night for you to use at any of our venues.

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The Standard, East Village

Waiting for Saturday

The perfect weekend is a work of art. So we asked the expert ladies of Waiting for Saturday to put together a weekend getaway in town, including two tickets to the New Museum, brunch for two at Narcissa, and extra special hook-ups at some of Waiting for Saturday's favorite shops.

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