“Water, Water, Everywhere”
- The New York Times
“A modern taste of ancient bathing traditions”
- American Spa
“Best Hotel Spa in The Americas & Caribbean”
- Condé Nast Traveller
“Bruce Weber’s Summer Camp at The Standard”
- W Magazine
“An oasis of tranquility”
- Ocean Drive
“The Standard blazes a new spa trail”
- Luxury Spa Finder
“A Spa hotel that stands the traditional spa atmosphere on its head”
- Spa Magazine
“Holistic hipster's paradise”
- Miami Herald
“Inspired by European hydrotherapy traditions, the hotel's wellness center is more like a chic bathhouse than a spa”
- Town & Country
“Bathing aficionados have a new lure”
“The spectacular food is overshadowed only by an unrivaled waterfront vista that offers glimpses of dolphins”
- Miami Herald
“It isn't style over substance here, this place delivers the goods”
- Concierge.com
“A holistic oasis...A city hotel that feels like it's on a tropical island”
- The New York Times
“...an innovative spa unlike anything yet seen in the U.S.”
- Ocean Drive
“The most magical spot in South Beach”
- Esquire
“Stunning Scandinavian-inspired spa resort”
- Forbes Travel
“The crown jewel of the spa empire”
- Florida Travel + Life
“Bathing aficionados have a new lure”
“Every inch of The Standard plays with sin and redemption, excess and denial, in settings that alternately smack of roman decadence and monastic purity”
- Travel + Leisure
“A holistic paradise”
- The Miami Herald
“Affordable sophistication”
- Time
“A spa hotel unlike any other”
- American Spa
“Simple and stunning”
- Florida International
“Stylish yet intimate”
- Spa Finder
“The spa was heavenly. Everyone says the hammam is incredible because it is!”
- Yelp
“Everything was perfect”
- Hotels.com
“Loved the outdoor space and the view is stunning over the bay”
- Booking.com
“It was a wonderful environment in which to truly relax.”
- Booking.com
“Luxurious and simply casual at the same time.”
- Hotels.com
“Hands down one of my favorite places to spend an afternoon in Miami.”
- Yelp
“A stylish and contemporary bathhouse experience...”
- Professional Spa + Wellness
“Product driven, modern spa cuisine”
- Dining Out
“The versatile Executive Chef brings healthy simplicity to The Standard”
- Ocean Drive
“Life of the Culture”
- Vanity Fair
“Edgy European sensibilities with style and sass that can be found only on South Beach”
- Florida Travel & Life
“A throwback to Miami's golden age”
- Travel + Leisure
“A water sanctum for sophisticates”
- Condé Nast Traveler
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