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Zodiac Lounge: First New Moon: 2018 Astrology
Zodiac Lounge: First New Moon: 2018 Astrology

The First New Moon of 2018 sets the tone for the entire New Year. The New Moon is in Capricorn, with a total of six planets in the Sea Goat sign. Capricorn is about mastering the material world, anything Capricorn energy sets it to mind it can accomplish. Capricorn is the ability to climb any mountain, the question is will you climb the correct one? The energy is about making a plan of action and committing to it. Capricorn is hard-working, focused, disciplined and powerful, having the albeit to manifest their goals. The planet Uranus, the disrupter, breaks up the status quote, creates a tension with all the Capricorn energy at this New Moon. It is a time of change, set your goals and aim high.  Think outside of the box, take a chance on your wildest dreams and go for it. Use this energy to get motivated and geared for the future. Find out where the action is taking place in your chart. Join Lori Bell our resident Astrologer and Acupuncturist for the New Moon in Capricorn, and bring those New Year’s resolutions to fruition. $45 includes indoor baths I $75 includes Spa Day Pass



Tuesday January 16, 2018
7 - 9P