'What The Puck?!' V
January 09 2015

'What The Puck?!' V

New York-skate

What tournament has teams dressed in drag, celebrity MCs, and endless amounts of spiked cider? Our annual hockey tournament, 'What The Puck?!', of course! The hottest game on ice. Now in it's fifth year, 64 players on 16 teams will compete over five weekends. There can be only one champion. Who will it be? The Muffin Stuffers? The 8 Balls? Tinder Mike? The Fighting Cocks? Come find out on Saturdays from 5-8pm.

Our Kafféeklatsch will be serving up all the spiked hot cider, doughnuts, and Belgian waffles you can swallow. Ice hockey ain't your thang? The Ice Rink is open 7 days a week until late. Come by and get your skate on.

The Standard Ice Rink is located at The Standard, High Line at 848 Washington at West 13th Street in New York City.