December 21 2012

'What the Puck?!' Returns to the Rink at The Standard, High Line

New York-Stan D'Arde

If you know me at all, you know that I'm not the biggest sports fan. I prefer working up a sweat marching through The Frick Collection. The one sport I do love, however, is hockey, especially when it's being played in our very own annual hockey tournament at The Standard, High Line, otherwise known as What The Puck?!

This year, we've made it even better. We'll have over 128 players in 32 teams competing over 12 days to win the "Stanny Cup." Expect lights, cameras and a whole lotta action!

To request more info or to sign up for a team, email Skate At The Standard. If you'd prefer to drink your way through it from the sidelines, that's fine, too. Our Kafféeklatsch will be serving up all the spiked hot cider you can swallow.