What The Puck!? IV is Underway
January 23 2014

What The Puck!? IV is Underway

New York-skate

Our annual hockey tournament at The Standard, High Line is two frosty weekends deep with only three more weekends until the championship showdown on February 8. From Division A, the Bowery Boys beat out ALLDAYEVERYDAY, the Manhattan Assassins, and Tinder Mike. The Eskimo Brothers, from Divison B, annihilated the Muffin Stuffers, The Grinders, and Hanover Mayors.

Division A

The Men of Division A

Bowery Boys vs. Manhattan Assassins ... we know who won that game!

The Puck Off

Division B

Eskimo Brothers, Division Champions

The Grinders puckin the Muffin Stuffers

Muffin Stuffers

Oh wait, that kind of Muffin Stuffer!

Division B Cheerleaders

Feeling left out? The ice rink is open for play every Tuesday from 8pm to 11pm until Feb 4th – play is free – we provide the goals and pucks. Ice skate rentals are available.

Or, if you'd rather just watch (and drink!) games take place on Saturdays from 11am - 2pm.

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