February 13 2013

Tonsil Hockey 2: The Recap

New York-Stan D'Arde


Sorry. I just can't stop laughing. Been laughing all night. All morning. All day. I'm sure you know why. Last night, MILK Studios came to take on The Standard, High Line in our annual winter fashion week showdown that is TONSIL HOCKEY. And of course...WE WON AGAIN!

Let me break it down for you...

MILK came marching and hollering down Washington Street about 60 people deep.

They talked a lot of smack.

They brought 12 players to take on our 4 players, illegally including two Rangers and an Olympian. (I guess they couldn't trust their own employees to beat ours).

We played the first game. We won 10-6.

We played the second game. We won 16-9.

One of their players (a Ranger) knocked one of our players in the face with his stick, didn't apologize and then punched him the face when asked for an apology. Classy!

The tournament was officially over, but technically we had to play three games.

Maluca performed her half time show on the ice.

We played the third game. Milk won 6-5.

I got drunk.

And there you have it folks. Milk lost. Standard won. Again.