May 05 2016

Shhhhh…Inside the Met Gala Afterparty: T. Swift, Lady Gaga, Bella Hadid, and More

New York-Party Patrol

What, pray tell, is the future of privacy in this newfound era of digital technology? Well, in the case of last night’s Met Gala Afterparty at The Top of The Standard, hosted by Jimmy Iovine, Jony Ive, André Balazs, & Apple Music, there may still be hope. With the stars arrayed—from fashion designer Jeremy Scott to Taylor Swift to Questlove to Zane Lowe and Mark Ronson, who DeeJayed together, to Lady Gaga performing—photos from inside have been hard to come by. Decked out to the theme, Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, the slaves to fashion were able to let loose without fear. Our lips are sealed about what went down, but we nabbed a few snaps making the rounds to give you an inside look.

Jeremy Scott and Bella Hadid&nbsp;<br>Photo by <a target="_blank" href="">@itsjeremyscott</a>

Jeremy Scott and Bella Hadid 
Photo by @itsjeremyscott

Douglas Booth, Emma Watson, and Darren Aronofsky&nbsp;<br>Photo by <a target="_blank" href="">@darrenaronofsky&nbsp;</a>

Douglas Booth, Emma Watson, and Darren Aronofsky 
Photo by @darrenaronofsky 

Taylor Swift and Denise Hale&nbsp;<br>Photo by <a target="_blank" href="">@kenfulk</a>

Taylor Swift and Denise Hale 
Photo by @kenfulk

Drew Elliott and Rita Ora&nbsp;<br>Photo by <a target="_blank" href="">@drewpsie&nbsp;</a>

Drew Elliott and Rita Ora 
Photo by @drewpsie 

Bryn Mooser, Olivia Wilde, and Bryan Ling&nbsp;<br>Photo by <a target="_blank" href="">@brynmooser</a>

Bryn Mooser, Olivia Wilde, and Bryan Ling 
Photo by @brynmooser

Mark Ronson and Lady Gaga&nbsp;<br>Photo by <a target="_blank" href="">@kdnstyle</a>

Mark Ronson and Lady Gaga 
Photo by @kdnstyle

Nina Dobrev and Georgina Chapman&nbsp;<br>Photo by <a target="_blank" href="">@georginachapmanmarchesa</a>

Nina Dobrev and Georgina Chapman 
Photo by @georginachapmanmarchesa

Photo by <a target="_blank" href="">@questlove</a>&nbsp;

Photo by @questlove 

Freida Pinto and Eva Chen with peek-a-boo by Humberto Leon<br>Photo by&nbsp;<a target="_blank" href="">@</a><a target="_blank" href="">evachen212</a>

Freida Pinto and Eva Chen with peek-a-boo by Humberto Leon
Photo by @evachen212