Paramida, Balearic Berlin
March 05 2015

Paramida, Balearic Berlin

New York-Le Bain

Khidja Looki (Lauer Remix) released on Love On The Rocks, Paramida's label.

LE BAIN: You pitch yourself as “Berlin’s most hated”? Really?
PARAMIDA: People either love or hate me. I actually think most people hate me, which is fine for me, since I hate everybody, too! (laughs)

How can Berlin hate you? You seem to be at the center of the action, working as a resident DJ at Renate and at one of Berlin’s most respected record shops, OYE... Could you tell us about Renate?
Renate is a super crazy club. It used to be a residential building and has many rooms and small dancefloors, so you can get really lost in the club and forget about time and space. The parties last very long: the peak time is usually at 5am! The crowd is pretty open-minded and some rooms can develop a very psychedelic atmosphere. I love to play there - its definitely my favorite spot in Berlin to DJ and I've had my best and craziest parties at Renate.


What about OYE?
I work there during the week. OYE has two stores in Berlin. A bigger one, with a huge selection of all kinds of styles, and a smaller and more selected one, where I work. Renate and OYE have become my families in a way and have a big influence on what I do.

You've been running your label Love On the Rocks since January 2014. It's a Space Disco and Balearic label in the city of Techno. How do you find your Disco and Balearic inspiration in Berlin?
Hum, I don't? Berlin is such a strict techno city (laughs)...but the fact that I'm a resident at Renate and invite my own guests brings in a different vibe. And there are people in Berlin who appreciate that and support my parties and my label.

Telephones Lotus Land (Sunrise Mix)

A general belief is that Berlin is the most inspiring city for nightlife and dance music. Do you agree?
I think Berlin is one of the most uninspiring party capitals in the world right now. Of course, if you are not used to all those crazy clubs and parties going forever, it might be super exciting! But for me it's just boring and repetitive shit. There are thousands of crazy and amazing parties happening all over the world that we can't even imagine! They are just underground and you have to be lucky to get booked at the right ones.

What was the most inspiring thing that you've experienced while touring?
Right now I'm in LA. I love the city and the people I know here. Everything is so different and the landscape is beautiful. It's giving me the right input and inspiration. I'm meeting people and making plans for the label, which is great. So many great artists live here! I'm leaving to go to Mexico today to play in Aguascalientes, Monterrey, and Guadalajara alongside my buddies Zombies In Miami and Man Power - super excited about it. I think the traveling part and meeting so many new faces is the most inspiring thing. It just shows you that Berlin, even if it's "Techno Hollywood," is not the be all and end all of the world and there are so many amazing places and people to discover.

Sunday March 8, Le Bain presents Nouveau York featuring Paramida (Berlin), Christine Renee and Max Pask (Throne Of Blood). 9pm-3am. The Standard, High Line.