Los Angeles - Downtown LA Assistant Chief Engineer

      Do you have what it takes?
      We are currently looking for a motivated and charismatic Assistant Chief Engineer to help make our guest experience exceptional. The right attitude and desire to work on our Engineering Team are important qualities! Got personality? Bring it. 

      Job Overview:
      Reporting to the Director of Engineering, the Assistant Chief Engineer is responsible for overseeing maintenance, repair, and emergency responses for the building by the Engineering department and appropriate outside vendors.
      Maintains scheduling of department staff to complete work with minimal disruption to service and maximum productivity.
      Is responsible for compliance with applicable State and Local Health, Sanitation, Fire, Elevator and other codes.
      Ensures preventive maintenance program is in place to maintain guest rooms, mechanical equipment, outlets, and public areas in appropriate condition.
      Demonstrates effective leadership of a diverse team, and instills positive motivation in the team.
      Maintains a pleasant, courteous and helpful demeanor in all interactions with Employees, Guests, Vendors and Representatives of Standard International and SCI. 
      The Assistant Chief Engineer is responsible for maintaining all equipment, systems and building components, including, but not limited to, mechanical and electrical systems, pumps, HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, locks, furniture, paint, design integrity, lighting, tile and other equipment/work normally maintained/performed by hotel Maintenance Engineers and Painters.


      Under the Director of
      Maintains and ensures all property, grounds and mechanical structures have
      met all safety standards and/or requirements
      Maintain a working knowledge of all federal, state, local laws, codes, and
      Ensure all equipment is maintained, conduct inspections and drills, ensure
      compliance with all codes and regulations, train all employees and maintain
      accurate logs and records to ensure a safe environment which protects the
      asset, guests and employees.
      Provide adequate inventory of parts, supplies, tools, and materials for
      Develops, implements and oversees preventive maintenance program.
      Receives communication from property staff on maintenance concerns and/or
      requests and ensures problems are fixed in a timely and quality manner.
      Position is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the engineering


      Under the Director of

      Administer all sub-contract work and verify quantities, as appropriate.
      Liaison with governmental agencies and manage the compliance with
      entitlements, permits, inspections, notices, and other requirements.
      Assist the Director of Engineering to create the annual operating budget for
      payroll, expenses, utilities, and capital improvements.
      Operate all areas within budgeted guidelines.
      Obtain approval for all department expenses.
      Completes all maintenance related purchase orders.
      Provide efficient use of manpower to manage workload.

      Employee Development and Hotel Relations:
      Develops training plans and ensures maintenance staff is properly trained and
      aware of all safety requirements for the property.
      Manages and measures performance of Engineering Team Members.
      Maintains and ensures compliance of all policies and procedures.
      Oversees weekly schedule and ensures time and attendance compliance.
      Trains and directs all department personnel.
      Provide timely performance appraisals.
      Help to conduct monthly department meetings.
      Attend and participate in weekly staff meetings.

      Our ideal candidate:

      Knowledge of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, carpentry and restaurant
      Strong organizational and time management skills.
      Ability to verbally communicate with others in order to coach and lead.
      Spanish speaking skills are beneficial.

      If this sounds like you, we want you to apply for the Assistant Chief Engineer position. We hope you are up for the challenge and excited to be part of a
      diverse company to serve a worldly clientele. If you are confident in your abilities and passionate about guest service, then step up to join us!

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